A hood for a child

This is the pattern I used to make a hood for myself. The “skirt” is about 5cm too short for me (or maybe my dresses are too low cut?)

But its works really well as Rose’s second hood. She’s worn it since she was 18months old. See?

Rose wearing her hood
Rose wearing her hood

And here’s the pattern I measured from the real thing, ‘cos I didn’t make a pattern when I made it. If you click on the picture, you can download a pdf of it. The measurements are in millimeters

child hood pattern
child hood pattern

The hood is based on a picture in  Textiles and Clothing published by the Museum of London.

Interesting side note: the picture (which isn’t in the google book result) is listed as being based on the Hours of Milan, c 1380.  BUT  The Hours of Milan, elsewhere in the internet, are attributed to Jan Van Eyck in 1422,

One thought on “A hood for a child

  1. Thanks so much- the hood pattern is hugely appreciated.
    If you’d like to publish AJ’s 14th C patterns here, I’d be happy to write them up.

    That would be great. Thanks, Sara

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