Bodice block for a toddler

I got this pattern from a nifty book, published in Melbourne in 1947! It’s called “Clothes for your children” and it was published by The Argus, a newspaper that doesn’t exist any more.

I used this bodice pattern to make a generic 15th-16th C frock. I made the skirt from 8 trapezoids and made the hem EXTRA long – about 20cm, nearly a third of the skirt length. I used trapezoids so I didn’t have to gather the skirt onto the bodice.

I made the bodice lace in the front, with overlap so I could make it wider and she wears it with a linen t-tunic style underdress (pattern here) , lace on separate sleeves (so I didn’t have to fit the sleeve cap) a white bib and apron. The apron and bib meant that I didn’t have to wash the woollen dress everytime she ate.

Here’s a picture

Rose at Festival
Rose at Festival

This still fits Rose 2 years later – now it’s about 20cm too short!

And here’s the pattern for the bodice – you’ll have to make your own pattern for the skirt;

on year old bodice pattern
one year old bodice pattern

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