A geteld pattern

We’ve recently obtained cheap canvas that’s 2.8m wide.  So there’s a bit of a flurry of tent making activity.

On Monday I (with help) cut out my new rectangular tent, so yesterday a friend came over for my Autocad help designing her new tent.

These were the design constraints we used;

  • Geteld shape
  • Able to use as a sunshade
  • tall enough to stand in
  • wide enough to fit a double bed a little way off the ground
  • look reasonably medieval in proportion

We used the same source drawing I used when I designed the soldier’s tents for my kids.

And came up with the following options;

The rectangles are an approximation of a double bed, and the vertical one is a “person”.  The distance between the poles is the 2.8m width of canvas, and the poles are 2.1m high.

The last option was fun.  We wanted to base it on a golden triangle, but then decided on a kepler triangle instead.  We decided we like the 3rd option best, so we patterned it on our 2.8m wide canvas and here it is.

My friend has blogged about the construction, including pictures of the finished object.

The finished geteld

7 thoughts on “A geteld pattern

  1. Nice pattern. do you have any pics yet? I have been using a yurt I built 12years ago. I am trying to simplify things a bit now as my son wants to start going to Pennsic with me. I have been looking getelds and patterns for another tent to make.

    1. Sorry, I don’t have documentation for the decoration of this style of tent. The tent owner decided to decorate this tent based on the decoration of a double bell. The closest I have is the painting of an heraldic shield, which may have been used in the painting to denote ownership of the tent, rather than as a genuine decoration common for this tent. You can see it in the top left corner of this blog’s banner picture.

  2. okay 🙂

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog’s banner picture dated 15th or 14th century ?
    Maybe if I transform this tent in large tent with two pole next year, it’s not a problem to use decorations of big tent (first only roof)

    Thanks for your blog, highly interesting !!!

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