About me

Photography by Abjet - abjet.netI’ve been a member of the SCA for more than 20 years and I’m interested in a bunch of things;

Making clothes
Mostly 14th/15th Century, with a focus on stuff for Rose based on pictures from the period, including aiming to use typical constructions and simplifications made for children’s clothes.

Making tents
I’ve designed many tents and my husband and I usually make and sell one or two per year.  The information here includes patterns so others can make them, and discussion of what’s required to make the construction and set up of tents as historically informed as possible.

Kitchen Building
A small post and beam building with a brick fireplace based on a 15th C cottage.  I’ve done all of the design, material selection and sourcing as well as the project management of the construction.    I’m lucky to have a household who are keen to do this sort of work at my instigation.   We’ve been working on it since February 2006 and it’s still not finished…

The cooking is what started the kitchen building.  From cooking over an open fire while camping, I’ve developed a strong interest in the technology of kitchens – ovens, boiling furnaces, spits, fire dogs etc.  And knowing about the technology has also fed an interest in cooking techniques that are more in keeping with the equipment available in a medieval kitchen – boiling, pottages etc.

I also enjoy using my project management skills to cook feasts using period recipes and preparation techniques.

This blog is the documentation people have been hassling me to write for years.



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