Details of the arming tent

Edit:  this guy pattern didn’t work well.  I should have gone with option 1.

I’m up to working out how to do the guy ropes for the arming tent.

There are two details of guys from my previous post about this tent.  See the two ropes coming off the single guy?  We call them crow’s feet.

Based on my experience with other rectangular tents, the most important guys are at the corners.  From these pictures, it looks like I have two options;

  1. A crows foot going around the corner, with the main guy at the corner.
  2. Two crows feet, one at 90 degrees to the other.

I think I’m going with option 2.  Ideally, I would space the guys so I can change my mind, but I’m in a bit of a hurry this morning so here’s what I’m doing;

That’s 12×3=36 cringles.  the set of 3 are 15cm apart, and there is 700mm between them on the sides. The ends are set 20mm from the corner.

I’ll be tying the guys on (no time to make hooks and these pictures don’t show them).

The guy ropes (measured from my drawing +1m) will be 3.3m long, I’ll also need 0.5m per foot, so 4.3m per guy/crows foot.  Total rope required = 4.3m x 6 x 2 = 52m.

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