Prototype review

We went camping and wanted to travel light, so we took the new tent for a road trip.

The tent is a good size, fitting our double bed, a comfy  dressing space at one end and space for armour storage at the other.  At the end of the week, we reduced the size of the dressing space and put our daughter’s rope bed at the end.

It was pretty easy to put up in the dark, and easy to fiddle with the next day and later in the week when I added the ridge pole.  I could have put it up by myself.

We tried doorways on the side and at the ends, and in future I will set it up with a doorway at each end.

Here’s the tent set up:

This is after I added a ridge pole and did some substantial fiddling to get it as good as I could.  Here’s what I’m going to do to make it better:

  • Stiffer ridgepole or a frame  (I made this ridgepole onsite with a length of scotia and some fibre tape for extra stiffness)
  • A valance will look better and make it more water proof (the eave is too short)
  • Move the location of the guys to be in line with the poles
  • I think I will replace the end triangle.  The walls have a generous overlap, so I’ll still use these walls.

Here’s a picture before I put in the ridgepole:

Looking at the photos, I think I have the width of the roof triangle incorrect.  I think the base of the triangle should be bigger. See?

I’m also feeling like I need an internal frame to get that really straight roof eave and perfect corner.  My corners just sagged until we move the rope to the corner.  Not a full frame, just a rectangle at the eave.  Like my bed curtains, and those circular tents with electrical conduit you see around the place.

Otherwise, I should have used option 1 for my guy pattern.

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