Tunic for a 5 year old

12/12/2013 Edit: I’m about to retire the tunics I made with this pattern.  They’ve always been a bit tight in the body and Rose is a skinny child, so maybe make the body pieces about 5cm wider, or more if you don’t have a skinny kid.


Tonight I reviewed Rose’s clothes for festival.  While she can still fit in the tunics I made for her three years ago, her arms and legs are too long for them.  I need to make new ones and I think they have to be adult style tunics, to save on fabric.

They’re loosely based on the St Louis shirt and the bocksten bog man’s kirtle. This is the pattern I use for my smocks too.

I’ll make them from the 110cm lightweight linen I have.

Here’s the cutting and sewing layout for the tunic;

I haven’t made them yet, but the pattern is based on the measurements I took tonight:

Shoulder to floor – 94cm

Waist to floor – 64cm

Chest – 57cm

Hip/bum – 64 cm

Arm length 41cm

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