Wardrobe audit

Tonight I audited Rose’s Festival clothes and she has the following clothes to wear at a 5 day camping event;

red flemish (cotton)
blue wool pin on sleeves
black wool partlet
black linen partlet
unfinished white linen partlet
black linen apron
green linen apron
green wool surcoat
purple/red tunic with embroidery around the neck (from celsa – was this a borrow or a hand me down?)
red wool hood that will fit until she’s bigger than me
ugly blue wool cloak

Notice the lack of underwear?  Every chemise she owns will still fit, but her arms and legs are too long for her.  The hems are at knee height and the arms at the elbow.  Actually, almost all her dresses are in the same category – fit in the body but the skirts are too short.  The only one that doesn’t “fit” has set in sleeves – I’ll avoid them in future.

I’ve done really well.  Most of the dresses I discarded tonight have been worn since at least our trip to Canterbury Faire in 2009. That’s since she was 3 and she’s now 5.

Tonight I patterned some underwear.  I guess I’ll sew that sometime between now and Festival… I’m also thinking that some more aprons and partlets could be useful, so she can just change apron and partlet each day and keep her one dress clean enough.  Otherwise, maybe she’s ready to just wear plain coloured linen/wool shifts with a belt.  I guess I could button them at the wrist so the sleeves can include growing room but not be annoying.  She could probably dress herself if I went that way…

Or maybe I could just make her another flemish in a lightweight wool with a bag lining – I made the last one in an hour, not including patterning and I made the pattern tonight too.  I just have to test and computerise it.

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