Family sized double bell

We’ve made this tent 4 times now.  It seems to be a popular size – you can fit a double bed and three single beds if you wish, or just a double bed and a lot of stuff!

Here’s my concern though: when you look at pictures of military camps, with lots of tents, most are round!  It would be better (?) to have mostly round tents, with fewer of these double bell sort.  Or find some other pictures, with more rectangular and double bell tents.

Anyway, here’s the layout, with rectangles for the beds and people (click to download the pdf) :

This tent style has had several door concepts:

  1. One 2m wide door on the long side
  2. Doors at each short end and in line with the poles on the long side
  3. A 2m wide door on each of the long sides

I like option 3 the best.  It means that you can open the whole tent to catch the breezes and you can put it into tourney mode with the doors up as verandah’s for extra shade.

This tent uses about 30m of canvas (including extra for a pole and tent bags).  Here’s the cutting pattern (and pdf):

The sewing layout:

And the detailed measurements used to make the shapes.  We usually measure one piece with these measurements and then use that piece as a template for the others.  The wall pieces have a 4omm sewing allowance, with 100mm for the eave.

8 thoughts on “Family sized double bell

    1. The canvas we have used for these tents is usually 8oz 50/50 poly-cotton, treated for waterproofing, fire and mould resistance. It’s approximately 2m wide.

  1. tolles Zelt. Bin am überlegen, es mir auch zu bauen.

    Lieder fehlen zwei Schnitte von den Seiten Wänden. Könnte man die bitte noch reinstellen?

    Oder besser wäre es, wenn ich diese Pläne direkt kaufen könnte. Erspart sehr viel Arbeit, um die Zeichnung zu verstehen.

    Herzlichen Dank.

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