Nice pic!

This suggests that the base of the tent is not circular, but cut straight.  It makes sense – there would be less fabric wastage.  I also like the gap between the canvas and the ground – we’ve had trouble lately with the base of the tent taking longer than the rest to dry.  The increased airflow from this setup would reduce that problem.

We also need more wickerwork in our camp setup.

The Larsdatter Link pages list it as a detail from  Leopold der Milde section of an altarpiece, c. 1489-1492

This scene supports the thesis that double bells aren’t used as commonly as single rounds. Of the 14 tents shown, 2 are double bells.  The one on the right has a lot of shields shown, suggesting that it’s a tent for important people (6 of them!) and the other has a large open door – used during the day for meetings?

And, now I find that the bigger picture is, in turn, a detail from this;

It’s an altarpiece commissioned by the Abbey where the Saint Leopold III was buried and shows the lives of the other members of his family. It would be great to see some closeups of the other sections.

Here are all of the other sections.


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