Pennsic plans

I have to thank Asfridr for pretty much all of this info.

We’re off to Pennsic this year and I’ve heard horror stories of the waste at the end of the event when people throw away the cheap tent and sleeping bags they bought just for the event.  I don’t want to be one of those people.

Also, it would be sort of fun to find a way to be there in a period camping solution.

Maybe we could use a rectangle of canvas like this boy scout advice from 1911?

The Illustrations of the Utrecht Psalter, hrsg. von Ernest Theodore de Walde, Princeton 1932 (Bibliothek der Reijksuniversiteit Utrecht)

The picture on the right is redrawn from the Utrecht Psalter – from about 900.  There’s an original here.

And now I’ve had a play, I’ve worked out that a rectangle approximately 2.5m x 5m will give me a shelter with a floor plan of 2m x 2m.  And a piece of canvas 2m wide could be used for a shelter with a floor plan of 1.65m x 1.65m, which is probably too small for two adults at Pennsic.

Oh well, we were looking for a lightweight camping option for May Crown


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