Another October 2008 Kitchen post

I spent about 2 hours tonight watching Google Sketchup howto videos and here’s what I’ve got to show for it.

The kitchen is intended to be 2m deep and 2.5m wide. Making it too small to worry the planning authorities, but hopefully big enough to satisfy the CFA to let us have a fire in it during fire season, if not total fire ban days.

The white wall just in front of the raised hearth is the ingle nook. Hopefully the smoke goes behind that into the roof space and out of the hole at the top of the gable end.

A later design will find a clever way to put an oven on one side, with the opening in the kitchen, under the inglenook.

Don’t look too hard at the pictures. The inglenook is currently held up by skyhooks.

The roof tiles are unlikely to look that pretty – they might look more like these

Edited to add some stuff this morning

I forgot to mention that we could increase the depth of the building to have room for a prep table in the front, out of the weather.

Also, the firewall should probably face Northwest, to shade the occupant from the summer sun, particularly in the afternoon.

And I left out the daylight windows either side of the firewall.

The list of materials I’m imagining would be useful includes:

-bricks for the hearth (and more for the oven)
-bricks or suitable stones (not concrete block) for the firewall at the back
-withies for the inside of the wattle and daub
-mud and straw, maybe charcoal, for the daub
-trees at least 150mm diameter and 2m tall, with forks in the right place, for the corner posts
-150mm branches that are straightish for the beams; 3 x 2.5ish metres and 3 x the ultimate depth of this shack.
-roof tiles
– more free weekends – Sunday 19th October anyone?

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