The Kitchen Building – Background

This post will introduce you to this “ridiculous project” and provide a place for me to document the sources and process we’ve used to make the kitchen building.

What is it?
It’s a kitchen building.  It was originally conceived as a way to avoid local fire restrictions by putting a cooking fire inside a building.  It was also a way to improve our medieval cooking experience.  Also, big beams!

The beginning
The project started in February 2006.  After some discussion amongst friends we agreed that we wanted a permanent building at Crossroads Medieval Village to augment our Rowany Festival experience.  We started by agreeing that it would cost real money so we started a savings fund based on a small contribution each fortnight.  That fund has been used to pay for all the materials of the kitchen, as well as canvas for a pavilion and some funky cooking gear.  That building was going to be two bays and include a composting toilet.

A new location
Rowany Festival changed site in 2008, and we realised that our building would be pretty inaccessible to us over the rest of the year.  We had been part of a group of Stormholders who were involved in a camping event in January and decided that we should build a small building to house the cooking. I posted my first notes about the kitchen in 2008.

The photos here chronicle some of the work we’ve done on the kitchen.
October 2008 – start thinking about a design
September 2009 – dig foundation for wall – we hired a digger! slaked lime for mortar
December – concrete foundation poured, free tiles sourced and taken to site
January 2010 – timber purchased and joinery begun
February 2010 – more timber work
August 2010 – Thinking about bricks and mortar
September 2010 – revised hole and more concrete poured, brickwork commenced
October 2010 – more bricks and also woodwork
December/January 2011 – The big push.  Spent a fortnight camping onsite, brought in more people, transported the wood to site by truck and complete the main structure over 2 extra weekends. Changes required which may satisfy the CFA.
June 2011 – lining boards put on roof
May 2012 – After an extended break, wattle and daub walls started.



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