Nice sized bell

Our most recent tent was designed as a round tent, in keeping with my philosophy on the distributions of tent types.  And, as usual, it needed to fit a double bed between the centre pole and the walls.  I looked at two options;

  • a smaller version of the circus tent
  • a tent based on the picture below, with a lower eave and less slope in the walls.

Here’s the pdf showing the two options, you can see the double bed between the centre pole and the wall;
cathy and conrad tent Model (1)

Option 1 is slightly taller and has a slightly larger rope footprint than option 2.  They would both fit in a hatchback when packed up.  Here’s another manuscript showing a tent with similar proportions and steeply sloping walls, like option 2;

Detail from illuminated scrolls in Das Epos des Burgunder Reiches 16th century

And here is a picture of the tent we made:


We supplied the tent without the painting and the owners have painted it.  This photo was taken in September and it’s even more beautiful now that the painting is finished.


The tent takes about 22m of 2m wide canvas. Here are the layout diagrams and a useful pdf of them all;

roof layout

wall layout

And here are the pattern pieces;
roof cutting

wall cutting



Using Pythagoras’ theorum,  the guys need to be

sqrt((base radius+distance from base of wall to rope)^2+tent height^2)-radius of roof cone +extra to tie the rope

=4.5m per guy

The storm guys are at 45degrees and they are based on the centre pole height:

sqrt(2 x 3.5^2) +extra to tie ropes (2m)
=5+2=7m each

Total length of rope for 12 guys and 4 storm guys is 12×4.5+7×4= 82m




5 thoughts on “Nice sized bell

    1. The rectangles and triangles are made from the wall piece pattern. To make the rectangle, draw a line 903mm parallel to the base of the wall piece pattern – that is the sewing line, and then add 40mm for seam allowance.

      The triangle is the bit that’s left over, add 40mm for seam allowance.

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