How much flour?

Each time I make a loaf it uses 4-5 cups of flour.  At 150g/cup, that’s 750g flour.  They’re usually 2 cups wholemeal or spelt and 2-3 cups white or 300g other, 450g white.

At Festival, I want the following bread;

Soup Kitchen 30 loaves 14kg white, 10kg other
Household 3 loaves 1.4kg white, 1kg other 5.6kg white, 4kg other
classes 15 loaves 7kg white, 5kg other
currant buns 10 loaves (equiv) 7.5kg white, 1-2kg currants
TOTAL 20kg white, 9kg other, if soup kitchening;34kg white, 19kg other

That’s great.  Now I can work out how much to charge for currant buns and materials for my class.  I’ll also put in a bulk order from Hindustan imports and get them to deliver for free.  Where will I store it?

I should get them to sell me currants and spices too.

According to Elizabeth David, depending on where you lived, bread was commonly made with Rye, Millet, Barley, Spelt, Wholemeal or White.  I’m going to buy some of each  – for playing with, but I’ll probably only bring White, Rye and Wholemeal to Festival.

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