We’re cooking soup for 300 at Festival.  We have a cauldron that will hold approximately 30L but we need another one and my husband agreed to make one.

I’ve spent the last few weeks collecting pictures of cauldrons and storing them on Pinterest.  Our original intention was to rivet a cauldron, but I can’t find many riveted cauldrons after the Viking period.  And most of the others seem to be cast in bronze.  There are a bunch of reenactment merchants that also offer wrought iron cauldrons, but I can’t find much archeological evidence for them.

Scappi seems to have the best collection of cauldrons;

Scappi engraving

So we went shopping today, at the local commercial catering shops and I took photos of a bunch of cauldrons.

IMAG0822 IMAG0823 IMAG0824 IMAG0825 IMAG0826 IMAG0827 IMAG0829 IMAG0830 IMAG0831

The theory is that by taking off the modern handles and rivet hanging loops, making a wrought iron handle and then painting the outside with blacksmith black paint, we could make one of the above stainless steel pots into one of these;

scappi - cauldronscappi - cauldron 2scappi - conical cauldronscappi - tall cauldron

Yes, that conical tall one is riveted, but only at the top – it looks like an extension piece?

Also, we found the following items in our travels.  They look pretty medj-evil to me.

IMAG0828 IMAG0833 IMAG0834











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