Tent class notes

These are the notes for my class on medieval pavilions held at Rowany Festival 2013.

Tour tents;

Start in dining pavilion – frequency of shapes, construction, pole size and timber choice, decoration, storm guys,

Barn tent – framing, guys, wind performance

Elayne’s tent – design principles (height of beds, space for storage, ease of erection, storage/transport space), frequency of shape

Rowan’s tent – framing, decoration, lining

Elspeth’s tent/Sara’s tent – design principles, internal volume vs space for storage, canvas choice, decoration

Types of tents, when, where and frequency.

  • round/bell
  • double bell
  • rectangular
  • wedge
  • geteld

How to hold them up

  • Poles
  • cartwheels
  • ridgepoles
  • frames

Design principles



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