Bread for the soup kitchen

The plan:  Make enough bread to feed 300 people on Thursday night.  I estimate this to be 30-45 loaves (2-3 runs of the oven).

How much flour?

1 loaf uses 5 cups of flour, so 15 loaves use 75 cups or 75*150g=11.25kg and 45 loaves = 33.75kg.  Btw I will need yeast too – 7g per loaf = 105g per 15 loaves or 315g for 45.

What’s the volume of the sponge?

I’m going to make the bread using yeast – I don’t have time to develop that much sourdough., but I’ll make a sponge on Wednesday morning.  Each loaf will need 600ml of sponge, or 0.6L x 15 x 3=9L x 3=27L of sponge.  I probably need some head room too.  So two containers – the copper cauldron and my new dough trough should be enough.

How long will it take?

I’ll have a team of 5 people, who can each knead 3 loaves at a time  – I’m thinking that we could finish the knead and shape in an hour or two if we run into problems.  So we will load up the oven with firewood immediately after shaping the first 15 loaves. (need to make some the right size and shape)   About the time the oven is hot, the first loaves should be ready to go in.

How much space do I need to lay out the loaves to rise?

About 3m of trestle space, according to my sketchup sketch.

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