Baby head coverings

I want to make a coif for a friend’s baby.  I’ll make it in that nice soft white wool I have.  But what type of coif?

Lots of pictures of babies in the Larsdatter pages – Babies bibs and aprons and Medieval Children and Children’s Clothing  and Children in the 16th Century. And a nice set of later portraits here.

The pictures show babies wearing coifs that are common to their time period, but most aren’t wearing any headwear at all.  Smaller babies are typically all wrapped up and their heads covered in the swaddling process.

I know two easy ways to make coifs;

There’s also the 3 piece coif.  This is the style I made for my daughter when she was a baby.  It stayed on pretty well because I was able to tweak the pattern to fit her head shape exactly.

there’s also this extant baby’s coif

Functionally, a coif for a baby should keep the head warm or covered from the sun, be smooth at the back so it doesn’t cause an indentation from the baby lying on it, avoid ties so you don’t strangle the baby accidentally while it is sleeping, Fit well enough that it doesn’t fall off.


Some cute, out of period pictures showing coifs

In period, no head coverings

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