The nice sized bell becomes a double bell

The nice sized bell has had a 2m wide rectangle added to make it into a double bell.

We tested it last night, but it just wouldn’t work – the walls seemed to have too much fabric.  When we measured both the wall circumference and the poles we found that the poles were 20cm too long!  Some frenzied woodwork with hand tools because it was too late to make noise and an early start and here are the photos we took this morning as we put it up to test it for the second time.

2 thoughts on “The nice sized bell becomes a double bell

  1. That’s nice, you’ve basically proven one of my ideas about how well these tents work, i.e. fine without the spokes etc. I’m sure with crowfoot guys it would be a more stable shape when windy; wind is a problem here in Scotland, and tents need to be able to withstand it gusting to 30mph or more.

    1. We have done some work with crows feet, but they’re hard to make look right and the tents seem to keep pretty round without them (hmm, maybe we’ve been a bit lazy). These tents have survived every wind storm they’ve been in, including 125km/hr winds. They’ve also been the only survivors in a camp at least 3 times.

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