Boiling house and rocket stoves

One of the other things I am still working out how to include in the kitchen hearth is a boiling copper.

The Hampton Court kitchen has a boiling copper;

Meat stock and boiled meat were produced in the boiling house in a great boiling-copper which had a capacity of about 75 gallons. – link

boiling copper and oven

There’s also a boiling copper in the Tudor kitchen at Winkhurst, part of the Weald and Downland museum.

I can’t see where the chimney is but with only a minor modification I reckon that it would be straightforward to build a rocket stove below the pot, making a very fuel efficient, low smoke fire – just what you want when you’re keeping under the radar of the CFA.

It should also be pretty easy to make one for at Festival too.

It should also be pretty easy to incorporate a rocket stove and make a stove top like the ones at Hampton Court;

hampton court kitchen stoves


Here are my rocket stove links;

10 Principles of rocket stove design

Manual for rocket stoves.  Includes suggested dimensions of chamber and links to good slideshows of construction.

Manual for building an adobe rocket stove with a skirt to insert a pot

Youtube video showing the adobe technique – easy to watch

Second youtube using the rocket stove to heat a cob oven

Youtube showing internal details and long term usage issues when using the classic tin cans to build a rocket stove and oven.

Building a rocket stove with 24 bricks
this is the one that would be great to make at Festival and I might have a go at in the backyard too.


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