Baronial Investiture menu and recipes – 1st course

First Course

Jowtes of Almaund Mylke (Forme of Cury 89)
Take erbes; boile hem, hewe hem, and griynde hem smale. Take almaundus iblaunchede; grynde hem and drawe hem up with water.  Set hem on the fire and seeth the jowtes with the mylke, and caste theron sugur & salt, and serve it forth.

This is from Pleyn Delit.  I gathered nettles and chickweed locally and also used a bunch of parsley.  I didn’t make a strong enough almond milk, so it was a bit watery.

Bruet of Egges to Potage ( Ancient Cookery, From a Collection of the Ordinances and Requisitions for the government of the Royal Household made in Divers Reigns from King Edward III to Kingd William and Queen MaryArundel MS 344)
Take faire watur, and let hit boyle, then do therin butter and gobbettes of chese, and let hit set togedur; takes egges and wrynge hom thurgh a streynour, and bete hom well togedur, and medel hit wel with verjous, and do hit in the pot, but let hit not boyle, and do therto pouder, and serve hit forthe.

I based this on Stracciatella, normally made with stock, parmesan cheese and eggs.  I found cheap duck frames so I made duck stock the previous day and then boiled it and got my assistants to beat eggs and grated parmesan together before wisking them into the hot stock.  They added my homemade verjuice, salt and pepper to taste.  It was very popular and from the 20L I made, I brought only 2 litres home.

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