Designing a new tent

I’ve been asked to make a new tent – the biggest one yet.  I have the size and shape sorted out, now I just need to work out the colour scheme/decoration.

The tent will be based on the Fogliani fresco;


Here’s what we have planned;
10m x 15m tent

It’s 10m x 15m and 5.5m tall.  It’s a lot of tent.

Most of my tents are made with a “natural” finish, so they’re cream coloured and I’ve painted mine. In our early discussions I had intended to use alternating red and white canvas but after a discussion on the Medieval Tentmakers Facebook page I’m concerned that the red will fade.

Now I’m thinking that we could paint stripes on the tent, and could perhaps add the Household badge, similar to this tent;

I’ve also collected a bunch of similar decorated tents, for comparison and more ideas.


One thought on “Designing a new tent

  1. HELP!!!!!!

    I found your blog while trying to figure out how to calculate how much canvas would be needed in making a tent a friend and I would like to make.

    Between the two of us we don’t have enough math smarts to blow out the candle on a gnat’s birthday cake!

    We have the basic footprint size and shape as well as the size (as in height) and amount of poles needed but can’t figure out how much canvas ill be needed.

    Can you help?

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