16th C Flemish for a child

My daughter prefers to wear boys clothes and the easiest boy’s clothes for SCA purposes are breeches and a shirt. I’ve made a doublet and sleeves too, but when it gets cold, she needs more.  She needs a coat.

gorinchem coatpng_Page1.png There is an ideal coat on page 95 of  “The Tudor Child”[1].  But I haven’t seen a contemporary painting or image showing a coat like that and I can’t find such an image in the front of the book.

The coat is described as part of an outfit described as  “Gorinchem boy’s doublet, breeches and coat” and, as I was looking for sources, I realised that I didn’t have a good reason for the breeches I’ve been making since my eldest son was 4.



Here’s what I’ve found.

There are five sources listed in the The Tudor Child, and the painting shown below is from Gorinchem.  I guess that’s the reason for the name.  It fairly clearly shows the breeches and doublet. So I’m looking for a coat from the South of Holland that would have been worn by a child in about 1586 or later.

Hilleke de Roy and four of her orphans (1586)


fella 8 verso detail.jpg
Fella, folio 8 verso.  (c1592/1598)  [2]
3 of the other sources are clearly for the breeches and doublet and the last source is “Drawings in Fella, T (c1592/1598), Book of Divers Devices and Sorts of Pictures”.  There is a modern printed facsimile of this, but I also found the  images online.

This detail from one of the pictures is typical for the drawings in that source and I don’t think it’s good evidence.

Fella is from Sussex and the “coats” they’re wearing are shorter and worn with trunk hose, rather than breeches.  It feels like this is a different layer of clothing.


Detail from Children’s Games

This detail of “Children’s Games” , by Pieter Bruegel the Elder in 1560, shows children at play and includes a brown jacket (rear left) which could be similar to what I’m looking for.

Pieter Bruegel was a painter with the Antwerp guild, so the time and place are about right.  On the other hand, the child is wearing hose to above the knee, and you can’t see the bottom of the breeches I think you should be able to see if they were there.


My current conclusion;  There are some regular wearers of breeches, but not many.  I should probably look at the higher class wearers (although there’s those orphans above).  I also need to take a closer look at making Rose hose, taking into consideration that she grew 7cm in the last 6 months and is likely to continue that rate in the short term.


Stuff I need to follow up next time I do any of this;









  1. Huggett, Jane and Ninya Mikhaila, The Tudor Child Clothing and Culture 1485 to 1625, Fat Goose Press Ltd., 2013.
  2. Drawings in Fella, T (c1592/1598), Book of Divers Devices and Sorts of Pictures

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