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Adult smock

This is the underwear I use with my 14th-16th C kirtles.

I wore this size smock all through my pregnancy and extended the slit in the front by only 5 cm so that I could access my breasts for feeding my baby.

Normally, I fold the front opening to make a v shape but when it’s cold I pull it up and fasten it with an anular brooch.

Here’s a picture of a woman wearing something you could interpret as the garment I’m talking about

Braque Family Tripych by Rogier van der Weyden
Braque Family Tripych C.1450

Here’s the pattern I’ve made so that I don’t have to keep measuring an old one.


smock pattern
Smock pattern

and here’s the layout of the pattern on 110cm wide fabric (the linen I have at the moment)

Layout on 110cm fabric